We’re overseas, we’re going to meet those who already know us so well by giving them those who are willing to receive us. We bet on a dynamic of proximity strengthening our brands, in all markets, and proudly showing the work of those who deserve the best of us, our customers.

Only this way we raise our goals, exposed us to challenges and strive to give each time more, and better, adding value and commitment to each new collection, design, novelty … This is our commitment!



Ensure a good business relationship with our customers is our priority.
Big Buyer’s fair brought the main representatives of the stationery products in Italy and provided DKT to meet the potential of this market.


In this fair we commit with the presentation of the latest trends, giving opportunity to those who visited us to look into our back to school’s collection of the following year. It was definitely an important event that allowed us, in partnership with our customers, gather essential information to analyze the market and redefine strategies.


The potential of our country is very interesting and should not be underestimated. It was a proud to be present at an event dedicated to the professional sectors of Stationery, Office, Writing and Drawing, and Pedagogical and Educational Gift, being able to negotiate and to be among the best.


Having a goal of internationalization of our brands in other markets, the Paperworld Dubai is an event we couldn’t miss, by the diversity of opportunities presented to us, or by the different audiences and cultural contingencies that challenged us. The customers who visited us, could count on our usual professionalism and know-how to satisfy the most demanding requests.


We couldn’t miss an event of this nature, here we were with our back to school and all our ideas and news firsthand. It was a huge pleasure to meet again our European customers and build relationships with others who have sought.


Because we want to reach everyone because we cultivate a close relationship with all our customers, they also were able to visit in Munich. Here we provide regular advice and we privilege the direct contact with our collections, materials and designs.