Project Datasheet

Project Name | Internacionalization Plan of DKT

Project Code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-020926

Main Objective | OT 3 – Strengthen the competitiveness of small and médium companies

Intervention region| North

Beneficiary Entity | D.K.T. – Representações, Lda

Approval Date | 27-01-2017

Start Date| 01-06-2016

Conclusion Date | 31-05-2018

Total eligible cost | 388 232,50 €

Financial support of the European Union | FEDER – 174 704,63 €

Objectives, activities and expected results

DKT is a company of reference in the market, which is directed, organized and strategically oriented towards its customers leveraging the interaction with them in search of a swift and timely answer to the needs of consumers looking for the highlighted by differentiation and the ability to reinvent itself in the development of each of their collections. It is currently responsible for the design and production of backpacks, notebooks, pencil cases, as well as their launch on national and international markets.
Under this project, the company aims to develop products of excellence, that exceed the customers ‘ expectations, ensure their sustainability, expand business areas for emerging markets and grow significantly and develop internationally.
In order to be recognized internationally as an innovator company in the ‘ Back to School ‘ market, to become a reference in the development of collections of products and fashion accessories, DKT intends to enter new markets as well as expand the portfolio of customers in markets where it already operates. The direction of the growth passes by the extension of market, lauching the current products in new markets. To realize the mentioned strategy it’s proposed the following innovative activities:

Marketing activities
(i) Knowledge of foreign markets: participation in international fairs (with the goal of enhancing your reputation in the markets, through the presentation of their products and trends);

(ii) Presence on the web, through: website development, available in several languages, where will be presented information regarding products marketed by the company, as prices, colors and sizes, in order to make them accessible to any part of the world;

(iii) Development and international brand promotion: extension of the registration of brands with the purpose of identifying the products with the external markets and differentiate them from the competition;

(iv) Prospecting and presence in international markets in order to atrract new customers, as well as enhance the visibility and notoriety in the international markets;

(v) International Marketing: development of catalogs and samples, which will be used in fairs and prospecting actions, allowing the company to demonstrate the products they sell.

Organizational Activities
(i) Introduction of new method of organization or business practices in external relations: hiring of two qualified technicians, Commercial/Marketing, which will support the strategy of internationalization, boost the presence of the company in new markets, raise new customers in markets where the company operates, gain new customers through prospecting actions and presence at trade shows , among others.